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Easy Media Gallery

Easy Media Gallery (EMG) is a wordpress (wordpress self hosted) plugin designed to display portfolios and various media support including gallery sets, single image, video, google maps, audio and link with very ease and elegant.

Gallery Sets

EMG supports cross-media sets, allowing you to navigate from one item to another without closing the overlay. Images are preloaded dynamically as the viewer browses, while other media elements, often much larger, are loaded only when needed.

Media types

Easy Media Gallery supports a wide range of media formats, and an even wider range of social media sites. Simply link to any image, flash video, or popular website, and the media will be automatically loaded into the overlay. Easy Media Gallery can be used to embed videos from :

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Veoh
  • DailyMotion
  • Facebook
  • Flickr video
  • Google video
  • Megavideo
  • MetaCafe
  • Quietube + Youtube
  • Quietube + Vimeo
  • YouKu
  • RuTube
  • Tudou
  • MP4 (hosted videos)

Easy Media Gallery also can be used to embed audio from :

  • WordPress Media Gallery
  • Soundcloud
  • Reverbnation

You Get With an Easy Touch

Easy Media Gallery powered by jQuery and Mootools Technology, and elements have been designed with CSS3 effects in mind, making it a cinch to apply rounded corners, shadows, image based borders, or anything else you could want! we also use Ajax to make you more easy to display the content on the mediabox.

It is a very customizable plugin that allow you to set display whatever you want like adjust colors, positions, media sizes, hover effect and much more with one easy control panel. That easy control panel for experts it would save your time, and for you who do not have more knowledge about website styling, of course this plugin will allow you to manage your website much more easily.

For user satisfaction, EMG provides three themes, with a choice of light theme, dark theme, and the transparent theme so you have plenty of choices to match with your theme. Here are the samples (click each image below for preview) :

Dark theme

Light theme

Transparent theme


Back-end Features

  • powerfull control panel
  • great shortcode wizard
  • simple managing each media

Front-end Features

  • placing media wherever you want
  • showing any types of media
  • embedding more than 10 video types
  • supports mp3 and wav audio
  • unlimited colors and layout

Compatible Across Most Modern Browsers, Mobile Devices & Responsive Themes

Another advantage is that EMG supports latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer version 8 and above, and also Opera. EMG also supports multiple mobile devices and also it compatible with responsive themes.

Integrated Social Sharing

With this feature, you can share your media to social network like facebook, twitter and pinterest with very ease.



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