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This plugin is my #1 choice for every new client installation. Support is fantastic - super quick and accurate. GREAT JOB!

By FAR the BEST Media Gellery Plugin
I submitted a support ticket and within less than 20 minutes the issue was resolved. Replies to my emails were almost instant.
Excellent support
I am continually amazed by the beauty and style of this plugin. It is as if someone designed it just for me. I even find myself playing with it and looking at it just because it is so enjoyable to use and view! On top of that, there has been the most timely and genuine attention given to the questions I had setting everything up to perfection. I hear back from the support team usually within minutes and the answers given are exactly on target to meet a need. I was a little skeptical about this plugin before getting the trial and then the Pro version, but a friend talked me into trying it. All I can say is, my friend knew what he was talking about! Thank you for all of your talent and dedication, GhozyLab and EasyMedia!
Best Gallery Plugin and Best Support Team
When I put my website online, I couldn't see any of my images in the library. I wrote to support for help and it was fast and effective. Thank you for your help. Now my website runs perfectly.
My website runs perfectly!