Affiliate Program

GhozyLab partners with 6,000 affiliates and pays out over $200,000 per year!
Earn EXTRA MONEY and get 30% affiliate share from every sale you make!

GhozyLab Partner Program

The GhozyLab Partner Program is the perfect opportunity for existing customers to earn credit towards their account by simply referring friends, family or others to GhozyLab. This quickly adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars!


How it Works?

Once you sign up to the GhozyLab Partner Program, you will receive a special username and password to login to the secure affiliate area of our Web site. This area will provide you with a custom referral link that you can provide to friends, family and Web site visitors.

When individuals follow this link and subsequently make a purchase, you will be credited for the transaction and you will receive a payout. Here’s the best part – your affiliate link will place a cookie on the user’s computer, which will give you credit for any sales generated for up to 30 days later. Any purchase by this user in the next six months will still earn you commission!


How Can I Get Started?

To get started, simply register for the partner program. You may choose to add a banner or button to your Web site that directs visitors to your custom affiliate link, or you may choose to spread the link to friends and family via email. Either way, every validated sale generated from your link will result in a payout directly to you. GhozyLab will of course completely manage the client – all you have to do is send them to us! We’ve even provided you with a large selection of banners to get you started.

The more customers you refer the more you will earn – there is no minimum and of course, no maximum number of clients you can refer.